Forbidden Dance, The (1990)

Forbidden Dance, The

Also known as: Lambada: The Forbidden Dance

Starring: Laura Herring, Sid Haig, Richard Lynch

Nisa, Laura Harring (Mulholland Drive, Sex Ed), a beautiful princess from Brazil, is determined to stop the destruction of her homeland and the rain forest by a giant multinational corporation. She travels to Los Angeles to inform the world what is happening to the rainforest. To make ends meet she accepts a job as a maid in Beverly Hills. She falls in love with the handsome son of her employer and she teaches him the passionate and erotic dance of her homeland… Lambada. They decide to deliver the message to the American people and save the rainforest on a televised dance contest. The multinational corporation wants to prevent it and is willing to stop at nothing to keep them off world television.


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