Wacko (1983)


Also known as: Crazy Doctor in Love

Starring: Joe Don Baker, Andrew Dice Clay, Julia Duffy

Voluptuous nymphets, young studs, the last virgin in the school, a bald loony and an obsessed detective who hasn’t slept in thirteen years are all involved in satirical scenes from such films as Alien, Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Doctor Munro, The Exorcist and Doctor Strangelove. All are plagued by the return of the infamous Lawnmower Killer who makes his final appearance at the high school pumpkin prom thirteen years after his first fatal attack. Joe Don Baker (Joysticks, Final Justice), George Kennedy (Academy Award for Cool Hand Luke, Uninvited), Andrew Dice Clay (Blue Jasmine, The Adventures of Ford Fairlane) and Julia Duffy (Newhart, Intolerable Cruelty) co-star.


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