Russian Roulette (1992)

Russian Roulette

Also known as: Russian Holiday

Starring: Barry Bostwick, Susan Blakely, EG Marshall

When an American woman traveling in Russia tries to smuggle priceless artifacts out of the country, her entire tour group suffers the consequences. Not only does the Russian government suspect her companions of criminal behavior but an unknown killer begins to stalk them. She witnesses a murder and discovers her group may not be what they seem to be… in fact nothing is what it seems to be. This gripping tale of deceit and betrayal is a lethal guessing game, where death is the only sure thing – and you never know when it will strike! A compelling cat and mouse thriller, Russian Roulette features fine performances from a stellar group of actors including Susan Blakely (Sight Unseen, Over The Top), Barry Bostwick (The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Spin City) and E. G Marshall (The Defenders, Absolute Power).


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